Our island’s future depends on harnessing the value of its rich natural and historical assets to support the economy.  Tourism, and sustainable activities such as farming, fishing and renewable energy will all play a part in securing jobs, increasing incomes and reducing dependence on imported energy and food.

Alderney - Race Tidal generator

Alderney’s quality of life will improve if we succeed in “plugging the leaks” in the economy.  For example, by sourcing food locally, more of the money circulating in our shops, businesses and hotels remains on the island and benefits more local people.

Tourism, by playing to Alderney’s strengths in wildlife, heritage, walking, flying, sailing, and angling, can provide £millions in income to the economy each year.  Without active conservation of the island’s natural and historical assets, these opportunities will be at risk.

The Living Islands initiative sets out to bring these elements together, engaging the community in tourism and conservation, and supporting its progress towards a more sustainable future for Alderney.

OpenHydro/Alderney Renewable Energy Press Conference - Credit: David Earl (BBC)